Acropolis Lighting Infrastructure Project,Onassis Foundation

Acropolis Lighting Infrastructure Project,Onassis Foundation




The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports identified the need to upgrade the lighting infrastructure of the Acropolis of Athens, one of the most important monuments of Western Civilization and a symbol of democracy, across the world. To this end, the Onassis Foundation, always true to its purpose for improving access to culture and democracy, undertook the strategic decision of becoming the benefactor and sponsor of a series of projects aiming at the upgrade of the Acropolis Monument infrastructural facilities, with the lighting project being one of the most important.


V+O was the strategic communication consultant of the project.

Being one of our greatest challenges was to design and implement a high-caliber physical event to promote the official hand over of the lighting project, by Onassis Foundation to the Greek State, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and respecting the restrictions imposed. We succeeded into creating a memorable phygital experience, to communicate the significance of the project and a message of optimism during pandemic.



Project Scope


The new illumination of the Acropolis Hill and its monuments had to be celebrated and communicated with a sense of optimism and with the utmost respect to our heritage, also securitizing the safety of our high-status guests.





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