The Biggest Rebranding In Romania, TELEKOM

The Biggest Rebranding In Romania, TELEKOM


On September 13, 2015, Romtelecom (no. 1 in fixed voice and no 2 in broadband Internet and TV with a legacy of over 80 years) and COSMOTE Romania (no. 3 mobile operator) were rebranded and became Telekom, a Deutsche Telekom brand. 
Communication and business wise, the context was extremely challenging for multiple reasons: 


Project Scope

The communication goals were the following: 


The corporate communication strategy was the result of thorough examination of the Romanian telecom market, case studies from successful rebrandings abroad and similar undertakings within the DT group.
It was developed around three axes:  

  1. Building momentum up to T-Day through constant, consistent and clear external communication, exploiting all publicity and communication opportunities in order to build the story of the rebranding and raise awareness and favourability for the new brand.

  2. Keeping the momentum during Q4, by sharing T-day experiences and follow-up on all rebranding initiatives. 

  3. Synchronizing with all ATL communication during teasing, revelation and products campaign periods 






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