Future Loading - A social, community initiative by Coca-Cola Hellas

Future Loading - A social, community initiative by Coca-Cola Hellas



Coca-Cola Hellas designed the social community multi-stakeholder initiative, named “Future Loading”. The program’s aim and main achievement was to engage community stakeholders for the support of Greek HoReCa sector and improve relationships between the company and its local society. For its implementation Coca-Cola Hellas joined forces with companies, institutions, and organizations, to facilitate HoReCa small businesses to smoothy adjust to the new conditions created by the pandemic.


Our key challenge was to make the social community initiative “Future Loading” to stand out, during the difficult and out-of-norms period of the pandemic. We had to point out the initiative’s significance for the partners in the market and its accomplishment to bring together a large number of multi-type stakeholders and inspire them to join forces for the support of the HoReCa sector


Project Scope


V+O designed a strong Media Relations and Stakeholders Engagement Plan, with great results and achievements.


Our key step, was to reach stakeholders that could offer their auspice, multiply the program’s message and become our partners. We managed to place the initiative under the auspices of the Ministry of Development & Investments, the Ministry of Tourism, the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET). Moreover, we found businesses and organizations that could be interested in participating to Future Loading program and contribute to its implementation by offering useful tools for small HoReCa businesses. Lastly, we contacted HoReCa Associations and groups that could share the program with their members (small HoReCa businesses), prompting them to participate.


The platform

Coca-Cola and Bodossaki Foundation designed a platform available at the webpage of Bodossaki Foundation so for HoReCa businesses to apply for the program and for stakeholders to share their interest and contribute to the initiative.


Kick off Announcement

On the occasion of one of the most prestigious and high-profile events in Greece - Delphi Economic Forum, Lilian Nektariou, General Manager of Coca-Cola for Greece, Cyprus and Malta participated to a panel discussion for the impact of COVID pandemic to HoReCa sector and highlighted Future Loading multi-stakeholder community initiative.

Media Relations

We separated our communication in 3 key waves: the announcement of the initiative, the announcement of the platform and the program’s continuity.




Throughout its duration, 100 small HoReCa businesses have applied and participated to Future Loading social community program, acknowledging its usefulness and positive impact. 


The program was supported by 14 important businesses, organizations/NGOs, institutions and foundations and 4 key entities - the Greek Ministry of Development & Investments, the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) that offered their auspices highlighting its gravity and importance.


The majority of the Greek media also expressed great interest for Future Loading social community initiative:  more than 200 publications were produced by offline and on-line media, the majority of which were tier-1 category.


Today, Future Loading program is extending its scope through a 2nd phase of implementation so to further support the safe reopening of Greek HoReCa businesses.


The specific corporate initiative was distinguished for its organization with the GWA IPRA Award 2021

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