Mastercard - Live A Legacy

Mastercard - Live A Legacy



Amidst evolution and progress, women are still underrepresented in business areas. More specifically, while pursuing a career on the field of technology.

MasterCard Greece, a fintech giant, opted for a corporate initiative that would inspire and empower women on the aspects of equality and access to the professional environment.

Starting from June 2018, V+O has designed an aspirational corporate initiative for MasterCard Greece, entitled “Live A Legacy”, which became one of company’s best practices in the EMEA Region, also being distinguished with several local (Greece) and international PR awards.

The MasterCard’s corporate initiative is now facing its fourth year of successful implementation.


Project Scope


The initiative was designed on the basis of highlighting MasterCard’s DEI commitment and its efforts toward women empowerment on the professional field.

To support the strategy of the corporate initiative we implement the following tactics:


Results so far have been impressive and exceeded initial expectations, setting LAL as a benchmark initiative for MasterCard Greece:

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