Health & Pharma

V+O helps the world’s leading organizations and brands use multiple channels to engage with their target audiences and establish themselves in the health and pharma sector. Collaborating with clients across a variety of sectors — from hospitals and insurers to pharmaceutical companies etc— we offer expertise, know-how and market understanding that is deep and wide-reaching.


We offer expertise in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, global health, consumer health, medical devices, health IT, insurance, professional associations, health systems and hospitals. More than half of the work we do is related to global issues or disease awareness campaigns.


We understand the communications strategies that help our clients address changing healthcare dynamics, such as new regulatory structures and an enhanced enforcement environment.


Our team includes experienced professionals that help clients create, expand or preserve a market. Shape opinion. Raise awareness of an issue. Change the standard of care. Make the difference.


Being a strong partner, we are working with clients such as Amgen and GSK, having already created and implemented award-winning awareness campaigns, we have launched new OTC drugs in the Greek and Cypriot markets, and we offer PR services to pharmas and hospitals. Furthermore, through our past collaboration with SFEE, the association of Pharmaceutical Companies in Greece, we have gained a deep understanding of the regulatory, social security, communication and outreach issues that the sector is dealing with.


Indicative list of clients: GSK Glaxosmithkline, Roche, Astrazeneca, Actelion

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