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Globalization, radical transparency and the prevalence of social media have forever changed the way stakeholders view and interact with organizations. Moreover, they have drawn attention to the voluntary actions that companies take as part of their CSR strategies to manage their economic, social and environmental impact and to contribute to the societal development at large. In an era of rapid growth of social media, strategic nonprofit marketing, communications and activation have never been more important.


Companies do need to embed elements of social innovation and behave responsibly, obtaining an intangible, yet crucial for their operation, social licensing. Within the context of the financial crisis, though, public trust in business has been seriously hurt. In fact, the credit crisis and the subsequent recession have underscored the need for companies to contribute to rebuilding consumers’, local communities’, partners’, internal audiences’ and stakeholders’ trust within the framework of a more responsible and sustainable economy. What’s more, growing demand for corporations and brands to engage authentically with social and environmental issues has raised the standards for CSR and citizenship, providing a growing number of ways that NGOs can partner with companies.


Our daily cooperation with clients, such as the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) for the development of its Council for Sustainable Development, Coca-Cola Hellenic, the Mytilineos Group and others, has enabled us to experience first-hand the intricacies of CSR in today’s complex environment.


V+O aims at moving beyond the traditional PR framework of CSR by designing and implementing strategic platforms and tailor-made programs that are substantial, impactful, fully integrated in the overall business strategy and add value for all parties involved. In the past decade, V+O has developed and successfully carried out a great number of assorted and award-winning CSR projects for clients operating across multiple and diverse industries.


Indicative list of clients: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, SEV, The Hellenic Initiative, Solidarity Now, Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, Libra Group

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