Nowadays, consumers are far more demanding and unpredictable than they once were. They have clearly endless options and connecting with them is more challenging than ever. The current global economic uncertainty is not helping either. To sustain growth, retailers ultimately must build relationships with the customer, not just sell them goods. Everything is a matter of trust. At V+O, we’ll help you design an integrated communications program with strategically positioned messages.


V+O team works with a number of high-profile retail brands on a range of projects and brand assignments. We know how to drive traffic, build engagement, attract attention and ultimately effect purchase decisions. Across our global teams we develop programs that deliver genuine engagement: building communities, deepening brand trust, inspiring action and ultimately creating commercial return.


Our experience includes working with consumer goods companies such as Coca-Cola Hellenic and baked goods manufacturer Nutriart and with retail chains such as Praktiker, Germanos and Public, therefore being actively involved in all aspects of retail strategy.


Indicative list of clients: Coca Cola Hellenic, Praktiker, Public, Vivechrom, Marks&Spenser, Jumbo, LIDL, Sklavenitis

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