Digital & Social

“The social media landscape and digital world change at the speed of light. We are your partner supporting you on your most pressing digital an social media needs.”

As the media changes, so too does the practice of public relations. Through the new digital environment, the influence and power of consumers is greater than ever. It's not only about negative issues growing quickly through the web, but also for positive stories about your company and its brand that can develop in the same way. The web is like a transparent public opinion – all types of conversations, that could never precisely be monitored before are being reflected online.


To ensure a consistent approach to the social web and to take advantage of emerging digital trends from around the world, V+O expanded its services by collaborating with Bakers Digital Communication.  Our digital experts assist brands grow up digitally and build online driven businesses and social media experiences that target not only to communication purposes, but also to real business development.


Bakers is fully integrated in our approach to communications and we ensure that each brand story is ready at the time, letting our customers leaving their digital footprint and placing consumers seek to interact with them.


Our range of services covers from digital consulting and strategy, web based and mobile platforms, through to social media, digital branding and online reputation management.  From technology implementation through to strategy we help our clients understand and take advantage of the opportunities created by the changing digital world, and act upon them. 

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