Media Relations & Training

“Successful media relations can deliver actual business impact”

Today, the media landscape is more complex and more volatile than ever, while blind spots in it are increasing and widening. Unfortunately, there’s no prefab roadmap for media relations and no procrustean solution will do. Therefore, the only solution is for one to learn, adapt and evolve, in order to build and maintain a solid relationship with the media.

We have extensive knowledge of the national daily media agenda, as well as insight of the local, regional and international media environments and their peculiarities. Its client service team holds strong ties and longstanding relationships with key editors and journalists, as well as established relationships with representatives of specific media sectors.


Our team focuses on developing targeted publicity strategies/campaigns for online and offline media, matching the right messages to the right media. We aim at managing hard news and utilizing soft news, making our clients’ stories relevant and appealing to the media, while creating newsworthy messages and articulating intriguing storylines, ensuring our clients a level of national exposure. Above all, our hands-on effectiveness is attributed to our certainty that successful media relationships can deliver actual business impact.


Moreover, for several years now, we have designed and organized a series of media training seminars for clients across industries, always in collaboration with key journalists and academics. Focusing on each client’s special needs, our media training is fully tailor made, helping them shaping the story they need to tell and expressing it in their own style and way.


Our approach is based on intensive content coaching to help refine and develop our clients’ key messages. The result is transparent communication that adds real value to businesses.

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