Reputation Management

“Contingency plans are important, but taking proactive steps to manage and reduce reputational risk are also essential.”

Corporate reputation and trust are a company’s most important assets, and must be handled carefully. That is especially true today, as corporate leaders operate in a tumultuous global business environment, face an increasingly demanding set of well-informed stakeholders, and grapple with the latest stage of the digital revolution.


Since the Internet boom, the media environment has changed dramatically. The Internet’s flexibility has enabled the development of new forms of media and the creation of online communities of all types. Blogs, forums, social media have been growing rapidly and have already hit the mainstream, influencing today’s culture, politics, business and social trends. To a large extent, the success drive of this new media typology can be attributed to the interactivity that the web offers.


Our Reputation Management focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of its customers’ online and offline presence and active engagement in the online discourse. It essentially combines marketing and PR with search engine marketing and covers a full range of services — from creating and maintaining a long lasting reputation to recovering reputation after a crisis, to managing reputations online and to building CEO reputations.


Within this framework, we know how to help clients implement the right strategy and take the appropriate credit, so as to support their business objectives and solidify their brand in the marketplace.


It is crucial to remember that it is more difficult to recover from a reputation failure than it is to build and maintain reputations.

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